Timeline of key events in the development of Campath

Date Event People Places
1973Herman Waldmannn joins the Department of Pathology, Cambridge University.WaldmannCambridge University
1978 - 1979Waldmann takes a sabbatical with Cesar Milstein.WaldmannLaboratory of Molecular Biology
1979Waldmann is joined in his work by Stephen Cobbold, Geoff Hale, Alan Munro, Don Metcalfe, Suzanne Watt and Hoang Trang.Waldmann, Cobbold, Hale, Metcalfe. Watt, TrangCambridge University
1980First monoclonal antibodies developed against T-cells which can also activate human complement.Waldmann, Cobbold, Hale, Metcalfe. Watt, TrangCambridge University
1980Waldmann gains MRC funding.WaldmannCambridge University
1982The first patient is treated with Campath-1M.Waldmann, Swirsky, HayhoeCambridge University
1982Campath-1M is given to a patient with aplastic anaemia undergoing a bone marrow transplantWaldmann, Hows, Gordon SmithHammersmith Hospital
1983 - 1984Campath-1M is used in 11 leukaemia patients undergoing BMTs.Waldmann, SlavinHaddasah Hospital
1983 - 1985Efforts turn to generating IG Campath monoclonal antibodies.Waldmann, Hale, CobboldCambridge University
October 1983Publication of experiments indicating Campath-1 (alemtuzumab) monoclonal antibody activates complement and eliminate T-cellsWaldmann, Cobbold, Hale, Metcalfe. Watt, TrangCambridge University
1985Campath-1G is tested in the first patient.Waldmann, Hayhoe, DyerCambridge University
1985Campath-1G is explored on a small scale for the management of organ transplants by Roy Calne, a British transplant surgeon based at Addenbrooke's hospitalWaldmann, CalneCambridge University
1985Wellcome Biotech licenses the rights to commercially develop Campath.Wellcome Biotech, BTG
1985 - 1994Wellcome Biotech invests GBP 50 million in Campath.Wellcome Biotech
1988Campath-1H is created - the first clinically useful humanised monoclonal antibody.Winter, Waldmann, Reichmann, ClarkCambridge University, Laboratory of Molecular Biology
1988Campath-1H is tested in the first humanWaldmann, Hale, Dyer, HayhoeCambridge University
November 1988Martin Lockwood, a clinician at Addenbrooke's Hospital, begins testing Campath-1H in patients with vasculitis.Lockwood, Hale, WaldmannCambridge University
November 1988The Therapeutic Antibody Centre (TAC) opens in the Regional Transfusion Centre at Addenbrooke's Hospital.Waldmann, HaleCambridge University
1991Campath-1H begins to be tested in patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA)Isaacs, Hazleman, Hale, WaldmannCambridge University
1991Herman Waldmann and Alastair Compston begin a collaboration to test Campath-1H for treating multiple sclerosis (MS).Waldmann, Hale, CompstonCambridge University

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