Timeline of key events in the development of Campath

Date Event People Places
1991The first MS patient is given Campath-1HWaldmann, hale, CompstonCambridge University
1993The rights to Campath are assigned to the British Technology Group (BTG).WaldmannCambridge University
1993Waldmann moves to Oxford University.WaldmannOxford University
1994The TAC relocates to Oxford.Hale, WaldmannOxford University
1994Alasdair Coles joins Compston's teamColesCambridge University
October 1994Wellcome Biotech abandons development of Campath-1H.Wellcome Biotech
1997Small scale tests launched with Campath-1H for organ transplant patients.Waldmann, Calne, FriendCambridge University
1997LeukoSite enters a manufacturing agreement for Campath-1H with Boehringer Ingelheim.Leukosite, Boehringer Ingelheim
April 1997Christopher Mirabelli, Chief Executive Officer of LeukoSite, agrees to take over the commercial development of Campath-1H.MirabelliLeukoSite
May 1997LeukoSite partners with Ilex Oncology.LeukoSite, Ilex Oncology
May 1997Leukosite makes its first initial public offering.Leukosite
1998Analysis of 29 MS patients given MS indicate Campath-1H might be more effective if given earlier in the course of the disease.Compston, Coles, Waldmann, HaleCambridge University
1998Leukosite and Ilex Oncology launch their first joint clinical trial of Campath-1H.Leukosite, Ilex Oncology
1998Results collected from 93 patients indicates Campath-1H to be a promising treatment for B-CLL.LeukoSite, Ilex Oncology
August 1999LeukoSite and Ilex Oncology partner with Schering AG.Leukosite, Ilex Oncology, Schering AG
August 1999Millennium Pharmaceuticals acquires LeukoSite.Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Leukosite
August 1999Regulatory approval is sought for Campath-1H for the treatment of B-CLL.Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Ilex Oncology
2001 - 2004Trial to establish efficacy of Campath-1H as first-line treatment for B-CLL.Genzyme
2001FDA approved Campath-1H
2001European approval granted for Campath-1H

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