Timeline of key events in the development of Campath

Date Event People Places
2002Results from 58 MS patients indicate Campath-1H more effective in those who are less advanced in their disease.Compston, ColesCambridge University
2002Ilex Oncology agrees to raise funds to sponsor clinical trials for Campath-1H in MS patients.Compston, BuchalterIlex Oncology, Cambridge University
2002 - 2004Phase II trial tests Campath-1H for relapsing-remitting MS.Compston, ColesCambridge University, Ilex Oncology
2002Genzyme acquires Ilex Oncology.Genzyme, Ilex Oncology
2006Schering AG merges with BayerBayer, Schering AG
2007 - 2011Two phase III randomised control trials conducted with Campath-1H in patients with early MSCompston, ColesCambridge University, Ilex Oncology, Genzyme
September 2007FDA approved Campath-1H as first-line treatment for B-CLL
December 2007Campath-1H granted European regulatory approval as first-line treatment for B-CLL.
2009Genzyme buys rights to Campath-1H.Bayer Schering Pharma, Genzyme
2011Positive results from trials using Campath-1H for organ transplant patientsWaldmann, CalneCambridge University
September 2013Campath-1H gains marketing approval for the treatment of MS.Waldmann, Compston, ColesCambridge University
September 2013European Commission grants approval of Campath 1H (Lemtrada) for MS treatmentCompston, Coles, WaldmannCambridge University, Sanofi
December 2013FDA rejected approval of Lembrada for MS treatmentSanofi
April 2014British NICE recommends alemtuzumab (Lemtrada) as cost effective MS treatmentCompston, Coles, WaldmannCambridge University, Sanofi
November 2014FDA approved Lemtrada for relapsing MS who failed to respond to alternative treatmentsSanofi

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