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Timeline of key events

Timeline of key events in biotechnology

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Date Event People Places Sciences
19 Apr 1882Charles Darwin diedDarwin Evolution
1883The term 'Eugenics' is coined by Francis Galton to denote the science of improving stock by judicious matingGalton Genetics
06 Jan 1884Gregor Johann Mendel diedMendel Genetics
11 Jan 1884Theodor Schwann diedSchwannUniversity of LiegeCell
12 Apr 1884Otto F Meyerhof was born in Hanover, GermanyMeyerhofKiel UniversityMetabolism
30 Aug 1884Theodor H E Svedberg was born in Flerang, SwedenSvedbergUppsala UniversityBiochemistry
1885 - 1901Nucleic acids structure determinedKosselInstitute of Physiology, University of Berlin, University of MarburgDNA
1885First rabies vaccine testedPasteurPasteur InstituteBacteriology, Vaccine
08 Mar 1886Edward Calvin Kendall was born in South Norwalk CT, USAKendallMayo ClinicBiochemistry, Endocrinology
13 Sep 1886Robert Robinson was born Rufford, near Chesterfield, United KingdomRobinsonOxford UniversityAntibacterial agents
17 Oct 1886Ernest Goodpasture was born Clarksville, TN, USAGoodpastureHarvard UniversityVirology, Vaccine
10 Apr 1887Bernardo Alberto Houssay was born in n Buenos Aires, ArgentinaHoussay University of Buenos AiresMetabolism
19 Nov 1887James B Sumner was born in Canton MA, USASumnerCornell UniversityBiochemistry
1888Term 'chromosome' coined by Edouard van Beneden, denoting 'coloured bodies'Beneden  
29 Apr 1888Michael Heidelberger was born in New York City, USAHeidelbergerNew York City 
05 Jul 1888Herbert Spencer Gasser was born in Platteville WI, USAGasserRockefeller Institute 
22 Jul 1888Selman A Waksman was born in Priluka (now Pryluky), Russian Empire (now Ukraine)WaksmanRutgers UniversityAntibacterial agents
1889Richard Altmann, German pathologist, renames nuclein as nucleic acidAltmannLeipzig UniversityGenetics, DNA
31 Mar 1890William Lawrence Bragg was born in Adelaide, Australia Adelaide, AustraliaX ray crystallography
21 Dec 1890Hermann J Muller was born in New York, USAMullerIndiana UniversityGenetics

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