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Timeline of key events

Timeline of key events in biotechnology

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Date Event People Places Sciences
05 Dec 1896Carl F Cori was born in Prague, Austria-Hungary (now Czech Republic)CoriWashington University in St LouisBiochemistry
1897Antibody formation theoryEhrlich Antibodies
10 Feb 1897John F Enders was born West Hartford, CT, USAEndersChildren's Hospital BostonVirology, Vaccine
20 Jul 1897Tadeus Reichstein was born in Wloclawek, PolandReichsteinBasel UniversityBiochemistry, Endocrinology
09 Aug 1897Ralph W G Wyckoff was born in Geneva, NY, USAWyckoffRockefeller UniversityBacteriology, Virology
1898A nucelotide called tuberculinic acid found to bind to the protein tuberculin. It is now regarded as the precursor to the discovery of DNA methylationRuppelPhilipps University of MarburgDNA methylation, Epigenetics
10 May 1898Rudolf Schoenheimer was born in Berlin, Germany SchoenheimerColumbia univbersityAnalytical chemistry
24 Aug 1898Albert Claude was born in Longlier, BelgiumClaudeLonglier, Belgium 
24 Sep 1898Howard Walter Florey was born   
1899First commercial vaccine developed for treatment of sarcomaColeyMemorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Parke Davis & CoImmunology, Immunotherapy, Oncology,
30 Jan 1899Max Theiler was born in Pretoria, South AfricaTheilerPretoria, South AfricaVaccine
1899Charles H Best was born in West Pembroke, ME, USABestUniversity of TorontoEndocrinology
07 Apr 1899Louis F Fieser was born in Columbus, Ohio, USAFieserHarvard University 
11 Apr 1899Percy Lavon Julian was born in Montgomery, Alabama, USAJulianHarvard UniversityPharmacology
12 Jun 1899Fritz A Lipmann born in Koenigsberg (now Kaliningrad), Germany (now Russia)Lipmann Nutrition
1900 - 1901Blood grouping observedLandsteinerUniversity of ViennaAntibodies
03 Dec 1900Richard Kuhn was born in Vienna, Austria-HungaryKuhnUniversity of HeidelbergBiochemistry
1901Blood groupings diagnostic developedLandsteinerUniversity of ViennaAntibodies
1901 - 1903First successful transplants of tumours in animals reported, providing a new experimental system for studying the role of the immune system in cancerLeob, JensenUniversity of Pennsylvania, Agriculture and Veterinary InstituteImmunotherapy, Oncology
28 Feb 1901Linus C Pauling was born in Portland OR, USAPaulingCalifornia Institute of TechnologyGenetics

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