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Timeline of key events

Timeline of key events in biotechnology

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Date Event People Places Sciences
20 Aug 1915Paul Ehrlich diedEhrlichGoettingen UniversityAntibodies, Immunology
19 Sep 1915Elizabeth S Shankman was born in Cobalt, Ontario, CanadaShankmanUniversity of California at Los AngelesOncology
23 Sep 1915John C Sheehan was born in Battle Creek, MI, USASheehanMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyAntibacterial agents
19 Nov 1915Earl W Sutherland was born in Burlingame, KS, USASutherlandVanderbilt UniversityCell
1916 - 1922Disappointing results reported from clinical trials treating breast cancer patients with low doses of X-ray radiation following tumour removal, discrediting the theory that stimulation of lymphocytes could help cure cancer. MurphyRockefeller InstituteImmunology, Immunotherapy, Oncology
10 Jan 1916Sune K Bergstrom was born in Stockholm, SwedenBergstromKarolinska InstituteBiochemistry
26 Mar 1916Christian B Anfinsen was born in Monessen PA, USA AnfinsenNational Institutes of HealthRNA
04 Jun 1916Robert F Furchgott was born in Charleston SC, USAFurchgottState University of New YorkPharmacology, Cardiovascular
08 Jun 1916Francis H C Crick was born in Northampton, United KingdomCrickLaboratory of Molecular BiologyDNA, Genetics
15 Jul 1916Ilya Ilyich Mechnikov diedMechnikovPasteur InstituteImmunology
25 Aug 1916Frederick Chapman Robbins was born in Auburn AL, USARobbinsWestern Reserve UniversityVirology, Vaccine
19 Oct 1916Jean Dausset was born in Toulouse, FranceDaussetUniversity of ParisImmunology
05 Dec 1916Hilary Koprowski was born in Warsaw, PolandKoprowskiWarsaw, Poland 
15 Dec 1916Maurice H F Wilkins was born in Pongaroa, New ZealandWilkinsKing's College LondonDNA, Genetics
1917Antibodies shown to form against synthetic antigens (foreign substances)LandsteinerWilhelminenspitalAntibodies
24 Mar 1917John C Kendrew was born in Oxford, United KingdomKendrewLaboratory of Molecular BiologyBiochemistry
31 Mar 1917Emil Adolf von Behring diedvon Behring Antibodies
Apr 1917Robert Burns Woodward was born in Boston MA, USAWoodwardHarvard UniversityPharmacology
15 Jun 1917John B Fenn was born in New York NY, USAFennVirginia Commonwealth University,Analytical chemistry
27 Jul 1917Emil Theodor Kocher diedKocher  

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