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Timeline of key events

Timeline of key events in biotechnology

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Date Event People Places Sciences
1939Antibodies start to be investigated using quantitative immunochemistrySvedberg, Tiselius, KabatUniversity of UppsalaAntibodies
07 May 1939Sidney Altman was born in Montreal, CanadaAltmannLaboratory of Molecular BiologyRNA
06 Sep 1939Susumu Tonegawa was born in Nagoya, JapanTonegawaMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyAntibodies, Immunology
30 Oct 1939Leland H Hartwell was born in Los Angeles CA, USAHartwellFred Hutchinson Cancer Research CenterCell
18 Dec 1939Harold E Varmus was born in Oceanside NY, USAVarmusUniversity of California San FranciscoOncology
1940Concept of antibody templates proposedPaulingCalifornia Institute of Technology Antibodies
1940 - 1943Sanger studies for a doctorate at Cambridge UniversitySangerCambridge UniversitySequencing DNA
1940The first cogenic line of inbred mouse strains were developed, which helped determine the major histocompatibility complex, a set of genes that code for proteins found on the surfaces of cells which help the immune system recognise foreign substances. SnellJackson LaboratoryGenetics, Immunology
1940Inbred strains of mice bred at Jackson Memorial Laboratory showed that resistance to transplanted tumours were due to body's resistance to genetically different tissueBarrettJackson Memorial LaboratoroiesGenetics, Immunology, Oncology
1940First electron microscope pictures of bacteriophages publishedRuska Phage display
18 Apr 1940Joseph L Goldstein was born in Sumter, SC, USAGoldstein  
17 Jun 1940Arthur Harden diedHarden Biochemistry
23 Aug 1940Thomas A Steitz was born in Milwaukee WI, USASteitzYale UniversityBiochemistry
06 Sep 1940Phoebus Levene diedLevene DNA
15 Oct 1940Peter C Doherty was born in Brisbane, AustraliaDoherty St Jude Children's Research HospitalImmunology
1941Genes shown to regulate biochemical events within cellsBeadle, TatumStanford University Medical SchoolGenetics
1941Immunofluorescence technique introducedCoonsHarvard UniversityAntibodies
01 Jan 1941Martin J Evans was born in Stroud, United KingdomEvansCardiff UniversityGenetics
1941Term 'genetic engineering' first coinedJost Recombinant DNA
07 Jan 1941John E Walker was born in Halifax, United KingdomWalkerLaboratory of Molecular BiologyBiochemistry

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