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Timeline of key events

Timeline of key events in biotechnology

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Date Event People Places Sciences
1941Term 'genetic engineering' first coinedJost Recombinant DNA
07 Jan 1941John E Walker was born in Halifax, United KingdomWalkerLaboratory of Molecular BiologyBiochemistry
1941Frederick Grant Banting diedGrantUniversity of TorontoBiochemistry
13 Apr 1941Michael S Brown was born in New York NY, USABrownUniversity of Texas 
01 Jun 1941Hans Berger diedBerger Neuroscience
01 Jul 1941Alfred G Gilman was born in New Haven, Connecticut, USAGilmanNew Haven, ConnecticutCell
11 Sep 1941Rudolf Schoenheimer died SchoenheimerColumbia univbersityAnalytical chemistry
06 Dec 1941Ronald Levy was born in Carmel, California, United StatesLevyCarmel, California 
1942 - 1945Animal experiments launched to investigate the biological effects of acute and chronic exposure to different forms and intensities of ionising radiationJacobson, Zirkle, Bloom University of ChicagoStem cells
1942 - 1945One part of the blood system, the spleen, offers some form of protection against radiation damageJacobsonUniversity of ChicagoStem cells
1942'Epigenetics' coined as a term to describe how genes interact with the environment to produce the physical traits of an organism WaddngtonCambridge UniversityEpigenetics
12 Mar 1942William Henry Bragg diedBragg X ray crystallography
Mar 1942John E Sulston, winner of 2002 Nobel Prize for Medicine, born in Cambridge, United KingdomSulstonLaboratory of Molecular BiologyCell, Genetics
28 May 1942Stanley B Prusiner was born in Des Moines, Iowa, USAPrusinerDes Moines, IowaNeurosciences
20 Oct 1942Christiane Nusslein-Volhard was born in Magdeburg, GermanyNusslein-VolhardMax-Planck-Institute for Developmental BiologyEmbyology, Genetics
30 Nov 1942Ted Greene was born in Cleveland, Ohio, USAGreeneCleveland, Ohio 
26 Jun 1943Karl Landsteiner diedLandsteiner Immunology
06 Sep 1943Richard J Roberts was bornRoberts DNA
1944Sanger starts working on amino acid composition of insulinSangerCambridge UniversityDNA Sequencing
06 Jan 1944Rolf M Zinkernagel was born in Basel, SwitzerlandZinkernagelUniversity of ZurichImmunology

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