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Timeline of key events

Timeline of key events in biotechnology

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Date Event People Places Sciences
08 Dec 1947Thomas R Cech was born in Chicago IL, USACechUniversity of ColoradoRNA
1948Antibody production found in plasma B cellsFagraeusKarolinska InstitutetAntibodies
18 Jul 1948Hartmut Michel born in Ludwigsburg, West GermanyMichel Biochemistry
1949DNA content of a cells linked to a cell's number of chromosomesVendrely, BoivinPasteur Institute, Strasbourg School of MedicineDNA
1949 - 1950DNA four base ratio shown to be always consistentCargraffColumbia UniversityDNA
1949Immune tolerance concept developedBurnet, FennerWalter and Eliza Hall InstituteAntibodies
1949First experiments transplanting spleen from non-radiated mice into radiated miceJacobson, Marks, GastonUniversity of ChicagoStem cells
25 Jan 1949Paul M Nurse was born in Norwich, United KingdomNurseImperial Cancer Research FundCell
22 Feb 1949Felix d'Herelle diedd'HerellePasteur InstituteBacteriology, Virology
Sep 1949Sickle cell shown to be caused by genetic mutationPaulingCalifornia Institute of TechnologyDNA
09 Jan 1950Alec Jeffreys was born in Oxford, United KingdomJeffreysUniversity of LeicesterGenetics
21 Feb 1950Howard Birndorf was born in Detroit, Michigan, USABirndorf  
23 Mar 1950Hubert Schoemaker was born in Deventer, The NetherlandsSchoemaker  
01 Apr 1950Charles Richard Drew diedDrew  
1951Myeloma cells found to resemble normal antibodiesKunkelRockefeller UniversityAntibodies
1951Transfer of marrow into lethally irradiated mice shows that marrow, like spleen, is regenerativeLorenz, Congdon, UphoffNational Cancer InstituteStem cells
31 Mar 1951Gregory Winter was born in EnglandWinter  
30 Sep 1951Barry J Marshall was born in Kalgoorlie, AustraliaMarshallUniversity of Western AustraliaBacteriology
06 Oct 1951Otto F Meyerhof diedMeyerhofKiel UniversityMetabolism
Nov 1951Purified DNA and DNA in cells shown to have helical structureWilkinsKings College LondonDNA

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