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Timeline of key events

Timeline of key events in biotechnology

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Date Event People Places Sciences
1954 - 1958Cesar Milstein pursues his first doctorate in biochemistryMilstein, StoppaniUniversity of Buenos Aires 
23 Feb 1954Salk polio vaccine trial begunSalkUniversity of PittsburghVirology, Vaccine
07 Mar 1954James Bryan Herrick diedHerrick Rush Medical CollegeGenetics
Dec 1954First successful human kidney transplantBrigham Hospital, Harvard UniversityTranplantation
1955 - 1959Clonal selection theoryJerne, Talmage, BurnetDanish National Serum Institute, Walter and Eliza Hall InstituteAntibodies
1955Sanger completes the full sequence of amino acids in insulinSangerCambridge UniversityDNA Sequencing
02 Feb 1955Oswald Theodore Avery diedAveryRockefeller UniversityDNA
11 Mar 1955Alexander Fleming diedFlemingLondon UniversityBacteriology, Biochemistry, Antibacterial agents
12 Aug 1955James B Sumner diedSumnerCornell UniversityBiochemistry
16 Oct 1955Carl Richard Moore diedMooreUniversity of ChicagoBiochemistry, Endocrinology
Dec 1955First discovery of the enzyme DNA polymeraseKornberg, Bessman, Simms, LehmanWashington University in St. LouisDNA, recombinant DNA
1956DNA polymerase discovered to replicate DNAKornberg Washington University in St. LouisDNA
1956Experiments with mice confirm radiation recovery factor is a distinctive cellLoutit, Ford, Barnes, HamertonMRC RRUStem cells
1956Mice with leukaemia treated successfully with lethal radiation followed by bone marrow transplantLoutit, Barnes MRC RRUStem cells
19 Feb 1956Roderick MacKinnon was born in Burlington MA, USAMackinnonRockefeller UniversityBiochemistry
17 Mar 1956Irène Joliot-Curie diedCurie  
1957The Associacion Quimica Argentina awards Milstein a prize for the best doctoral thesis in chemistry that yearMilsteinUniversity of Buenos Aires 
1957 - 1959Cesar Milstein publishes papers from his doctorate with his supervisor Andres StoppaniMilsteinUniversity of Buenos Aires 
1957Victor Ingram breaks the genetic code behind sickle-cell anaemia using Sanger's sequencing techniqueIngram, SangerCambridge UniversityDNA Sequencing
1957 - 1959Concept developed that the immune system naturally protects against cancerBurnet, Lewis Immunotherapy, Oncology

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