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Timeline of key events

Timeline of key events in biotechnology

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Date Event People Places Sciences
18 Feb 1957Joseph G Hamilton diedHamiltonCrocker Laboratory 
Sep 1957RNA proposed intermediary between DNA and proteinsCrickCavendish LaboratoryDNA
Oct 1957First synthesis of DNA in a test tubeKornbergWashington University in St. LouisDNA, recombinant DNA
1958DNA replication explainedMeselson, StahlCalifornia Institute of TechnologyDNA
1958The cell is confirmed responsible for antibody productionLederberg, NossalUniversity of Wisconsin, Walter and Eliza Hall InstituteAntibodies
1958 - 1961Cesar Milstein takes up a British Council Scholarship at Cambridge UniversityMilstein, Dixon, WebbSir William Dunn School of Pathology 
1958Sanger awarded his first Nobel Prize in ChemistrySangerCambridge UniversitySequencing DNA
16 Apr 1958Rosalind E Franklin diedFranklinKings College LondonDNA
1959Infused allogeneic bone marrow in accidentally irradiated workers shown to give rise to mature blood cellsMatheHopital Saint LouisStem cells
1959Experiments in mice prove the existence of resident blood stem cells in marrowThomas Bassett Medical CenterStem cells
27 Apr 1959Andrew Z Fire was born in Stanford CA, USAFire Stanford University School RNA interference
25 Jul 1959Mice injected with BCG vaccine shown to develop resistance to growth of implanted tumours. This was the first direct evidence of the immune system's ability to prevent cancer. Old, Clarke, BenacerrafMemorial Sloan Kettering Cancer CenterImmunotherapy, Oncology
03 Aug 1959Koichi Tanaka was born in Toyama City, JapanTanakaShimadzu CorporationAnalytical chemistry
1960Cellular fusion technique formulatedBarski, Sorieul, CarnefertInstitut Gustave RoussyMonoclonal antibodies
1960National Biomedical Research Foundation establishedLedleyGeorgetown UniversitySequencing DNA
1960Sanger begins to devise ways to sequence nucleic acids, starting with RNASangerCambridge UniversitySequencing DNA
20 Sep 1960Ernest Goodpasture diedGoodpastureHarvard UniversityVirology, Vaccine
19 Oct 1960Craig C Mello was born in New Haven CT, USAMelloUniversity of Massachusetts RNA interference
1961 - 1966Genetic code cracked for the first timeKhorana, HolleyUniversity of Wisconsin, Cornell UniversityDNA
1961Cesar Milstein is awarded a second doctorate in biochemistry at Cambridge UniversityMilsteinSir William Dunn School of Pathology 

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