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Timeline of key events

Timeline of key events in biotechnology

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Date Event People Places Sciences
1962WI-38 cell line developed - important to development of vaccinesHayflick, MoorheadWistar InstituteVaccine, Virology
Jun 1962Green fluorescent protein discovered in jellyfish, providing tool for observing previously invisible cellular processesShimomura, Johnson SaigaPrinceton UniversityCell
1963Plaque test allows visualisation of antibodiesJerne, NordinUniversity of PittsburghAntibodies
1963Cesar Milstein returns to Cambridge and begins researching the structure and diversity of antibodiesMilsteinLaboratory of Molecular BiologyMonoclonal antibodies
1963 - 1963Development of first attentuated measles virus vaccineEnders, Katz Vaccine, Virology
1963Creation of first vaccine against mumpsHillemanMerck & CoVaccines, Virology
11 May 1963Herbert Spencer Gasser diedGasserRockefeller Institute 
1964Cesar Milstein publishes his first paper on antibodiesMilsteinLaboratory of Molecular BiologyAntibodies
24 Apr 1964Gerhard Domagk diedDomagkMunster UniversityAntibacterial agents, Bacteriology
06 Nov 1964Hans von Euler-Chelpin died   
1965First successful allogeneic marrow transplant reported in patient with leukaemiaMatheInstitute of Cancer and ImmunotherapeuticsStem cells
1965Distinctive and powerfully regenerative cell resident in bone marrow, known from now on as stem cells  Stem cells
1965Paterson Institute for Cancer Research established as a major centre for blood stem cell researchLajtha, Schofield, Lord, Dexter, PatersonPaterson Institute for Cancer Research, Christie Cancer HosptialStem cells
1965Development of a technique for the in vitro cultivation of bone marrow cellsMetcalf, Bradley, Sachs, PluznikQueen Elizabeth II Hospital, Weizmann InstituteStem cells
1965Transfer RNA is the first nucleic acid molecule to be sequencedHolleyCornell UniversityDNA Sequencing
1965Werner Arber predicts restriction enzymes could be used as a labortory tool to cleave DNAArberUniversity of GenevaRestriction enzymes, Recombinant DNA, DNA Sequencing
1965Atlas of Protein Sequence and Structure publishedDayhoffNational Biomedical Research FoundationDNA Sequencing
1965Ledley publishes Uses of Computers in Biology and MedicineLedleyNational Biomedical Research FoundationDNA Sequencing
30 Mar 1965Philip Showalter Hench diedHenchMayo ClinicBiochemistry, Endocrinology
05 Dec 1965Joseph Erlanger diedErlangerWashington University in St LouisNeuroscience

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