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Timeline of key events

Timeline of key events in biotechnology

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Date Event People Places Sciences
21 Feb 1968Howard Walter Florey died   
24 Jun 1968Hattie Elizabeth Alexander diedAlexanderColumbia UniversityAntibacterial agents, Antimicrobial resistance
18 Jul 1968Corneille Jean Francois Heymans died   
23 Jul 1968Henry H Dale diedDale Neuroscience
1969Basel Institute of Immunology foundedJerneBasel Institute of ImmunologyAntibodies
1969First antibodies with known specificity grownSinokovicsMD Anderson Cancer CenterAntibodies
1969Splenic fragment technique devised for growing antibodiesKlinmanWistar InstituteMonoclonal antibodies
1969Concept of the tumour stem cell is bornFialkow, Pierce, Hamburger, Salmon, Nowell, Damjanov, SolterUniversity of Washington in SeattleStem cells
1969First principles for PCR publishedKhorana, KleppeUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonPCR, Sequencing DNA
1969New species of bacterium is isolated from hot spring in Yellowstone National Park by Thomas BrockBrockCase Western Reserve UniversityPCR, Sequencing DNA
1969New idea for generating recombinant DNA conceivedLobhanStanford UniversityRecombinant DNA
1969 - 1970First license approved in US and Europe for vaccine against rubella (German measles)PlotkinWistar InstituteVaccine, Virology
1970 - 1972Means developed for cloning B cells that produce single antibodies with known specificityAskonas, Williamson, WrightNational Institute for Medical ResearchMonoclonal antibodies
1970Fluorescence activated cell sorter createdHerzenbergStanford UniversityAntibodies
1970First complete gene synthesised KhoranaUniversity of Wisconsinrecombinant DNA, DNA
Jul 1970Cesar Milstein launches experiments to determine whether somatic mutation underlies antibody diversityCotton, Milstein, SecherLaboratory of Molecular BiologyAntibodies
Jul 1970First restriction enzyme isolated and characterisedSmith, WilcoxJohns Hopkins UniversityRestriction enzymes, Recombinant DNA, Sequencing DNA
1971Sera-Lab foundedMurray Monoclonal antibodies
1971Cetus Corporation, the first biotechnology was foundedCape, Farley, GlaserCetusStem cells
1971Process called repair replication for synthesising short DNA duplexes and single-stranded DNA by polymerases is publishedKhorana, KleppeMITPCR, Sequencing DNA

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