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Timeline of key events

Timeline of key events in biotechnology

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Date Event People Places Sciences
1971Cetus Corporation, the first biotechnology was foundedCape, Farley, GlaserCetusStem cells
1971Process called repair replication for synthesising short DNA duplexes and single-stranded DNA by polymerases is publishedKhorana, KleppeMITPCR, Sequencing DNA
1971First plasmid bacterial cloning vector constructedBerg, Mertz, JacksonStanford UniversityRecombinant DNA
May 1971Complete sequence of bacteriophage lambda DNA reportedWu, TaylorCornell UniversitySequencing DNA
Jun 1971First time potential biohazards of recombinant DNA raisedMertz, Berg, PollackStanford UniversityRecombinant DNA
Jun 1971Hellstom team suggest that antibodies bound to tumour cells mask their detection by the immune system Sjogren, Hellstrom, BansalFred Hutchinson Cancer CenterImmune checkpoint inhibitors, Immunotherapy, Oncology
15 Jun 1971Wendell M Stanley diedStanleyRockefeller UniversityBiochemistry
01 Jul 1971William Lawrence Bragg died  X ray crystallography
21 Sep 1971Bernardo Alberto Houssay diedHoussay University of Buenos AiresMetabolism
29 Oct 1971Arne W K Tiselius diedTiseliusUppsala UniversityBiochemistry
Dec 1971First experiments published demonstrating the use of restriction enzymes to cut DNADanna, NathansJohns Hopkins UniversityRestriction enzymes, Recombinant DNA, Sequencing DNA
1972US National Cancer Institute recommended creation of international registry of immunotherapy trials  Immunotherapy, Oncology
1972Wistar Instute named National Cancer Institute - first research institution to gain such a title Wistar InstituteOncology
16 Feb 1972Peyton Rous diedRousRockefeller UniversityVirology, Oncology
04 May 1972Edward Calvin Kendall diedKendallMayo ClinicEndocerinology
11 Aug 1972Max Theiler diedTheiler Vaccine
Sep 1972 - September 1972First time possible biohazards of recombinant DNA technology publicly discussedZinder Recombinant DNA
Oct 1972First paper published on generating recombinant DNABerg, Jackson, SymonsStanford UniversityRecombinant DNA
Nov 1972First easy-to-use technique published for constucting recombinant DNA. J. Mertz, R. Davis, Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, USA 69/11, pp. 2270-74.Berg, MertzStanford University Medical SchoolRecombinant DNA
01 Nov 1972Nature editorial voiced concern about generating recombinant DNABerg, Jackson, SymonsStanford UniversityRecombinant DNA

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