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Timeline of key events

Timeline of key events in biotechnology

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Date Event People Places Sciences
20 Jun 1861Frederick Gowland Hopkins was born in Eastbourne, United KingdomHopkinsCambridge UniversityBiochemistry
07 Jul 1861Nettie Maria Stevens was born in Cavendish, Vermon, USAStevensBryn Mawr CollegeGenetics
11 Aug 1861James Bryan Herrick was bornHerrick Rush Medical CollegeGenetics
02 Jul 1862William Henry Bragg was born in Wigton, United KingdomBraggWigton, United KingdomX ray crystallography
1864 - 1865Nucleus shown to contain genetic substanceHertwig, von Kolliker, Strasburger, Weismann University of Munich, University of Wurzburg, University of FreiburgGenetics, DNA
09 Nov 1864Dmitry Iosifovich Ivanovsky was bornIvanovskyUniversity of St PetersburgVirology
1865Laws of inheritance establishedMendelAbbey of St Thomas, Brno, Austro-Hungarian EmpireGenetics
12 Oct 1865Arthur Harden was born in Manchester, United KingdomHardenManchester, United KingdomBiochemistry
1866Theory that cell's nucleus contains genetic substanceHaeckelUniversity of JenaCell, Genetics
21 Sep 1866Charles J H Nicolle was born  Vaccine
25 Sep 1866Thomas Hunt Morgan was born in Lexington KY, USAMorganCalifornia Institute of Technology 
23 Apr 1867Johannes A G Fibiger was born in Silkeborg, DenmarkFibigerSilkeborg, Denmark 
07 Nov 1867Marie Curie, nee Sklodowska, who won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1911, was born in Warsaw, Russian Empire (now Poland)CurieWarsaw 
14 Jun 1868Karl Landsteiner was born in Vienna, AustriaLandsteinerVienna, AustriaImmunology
1869Discovery of DNAMiescher University of TubingenDNA
25 Feb 1869Phoebus Levene was bornLevene DNA
27 Jun 1869Hans Spemann born in Stuttgart, Württemberg (now Germany)Spemann Embryology
05 Apr 1870Clarence E McClung was born in Clayton, California, USAMcClungUniversity of KansasGenetics
13 Jun 1870Jules Bordet was born in Soignies, BelgiumBordetPasteur InstituteImmunology
19 Sep 1871Fritz R Schaudinn was bornSchaudinnCharite – Universitatsmedizin BerlinBacteriology

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