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Timeline of key events

Timeline of key events in biotechnology

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Date Event People Places Sciences
Jan 1976Experiment in guinea-pigs with anti-idiotype antibodies shown to slow down leukaemiaStevensonSouthampton UniversityAntibodies
Apr 1976Genentech foundedSwanson, BoyerGenentech IncRecombinant DNA
17 Apr 1976Carl P H Dam diedDam  
31 May 1976Jacques Monod diedMonodPasteur InstituteGenetics
Sep 1976Cesar Milstein supplies myeloma cells to Hilary Koprowski at the Wistar Institute for producing monoclonal antibodiesKoprowski, MilsteinLaboratory of Molecular Biology, Wistar InstituteMonoclonal antibodies
10 Sep 1976Discovery of first T cell growth factor, later named Interleukin-2 (IL-2)Morgan, Ruscetti, GalloLitton Bioethics Research Laboratories, National Cancer InstituteImmunology, Immunotherapy, Oncology
Oct 1976British government declines to patent monoclonal antibodiesMilsteinLaboratory of Molecular BiologyMonoclonal antibodies
20 Nov 1976Trofim Denisovich Lysenko diedLysenko Lenin All-Union Academy of Agricultural SciencesEvolution, Genetics
1976Technique published for introducing DNA into cultured cellsWigler, Silverstein, Lee, Pellicer, Cheng, AxelColumbia UniversityGene editing
1977Human growth hormone genetically engineered  Recombinant DNA
1977Monoclonal antibodies developed for automatic fluorescence-activated cell sorter Milstein, Herzenberg, OiLaboratory of Molecular Biology, Stanford University Medical School, University of TorontoMonoclonal antibodies
1977Bone marrow transplants is clinically provenDonnallFred Hutchinson, Seattle, New YorkStem cells
1977Complete sequence of bacteriophage phi X174 DNA determinedSangerLaboratory of Molecular BiologyDNA Sequencing
1977First computer programme written to help with the compilation and analysis of DNA sequence dataMcCallumLaboratory of Molecular BiologyDNA Sequencing
Feb 1977Two different DNA sequencing methods published that allow for the rapid sequencing of long stretches of DNASanger, Maxam, GilbertHarvard University, Laboratory of Molecular BiologyDNA Sequencing
Feb 1977Partnership begun for first commercial distribution of cells for producing monoclonal antibodiesMilstein, Murray Monoclonal antibodies
Feb 1977Scientists find a way to generate T cells in thymic tissue in test tubes, paving the way study mechanisms underlying the regulation of T cell developmentRobinson, OwenUniversity of Newcastle upon TyneImmunology, Immunotherapy, Oncology
25 Mar 1977Discovery of Granulocyte-macrophage colony stimulating factor (GM-CSF). This plays an important role in the immune system and the process of inflammation. Burghess, Camakaris, MetcalfWalter and Eliza Hall InstituteImmunology
1977Monoclonals produced against histocompatibility antigensMilstein, Galfre, HowardLaboratory of Molecular Biology, Brabraham InstituteMonoclonal antibodies
01 Apr 1977Development of first anti-idiotype antibodies. These are shown to activate immune defense cells to attack tumour cells in guinea-pigsStevenson, ElliottTenovus Research LaboratoryImmunology, Immunotherapy, Oncology

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