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Timeline of key events

Timeline of key events in biotechnology

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Date Event People Places Sciences
Dec 1980Clinical tials begin with a monoclonal antibody for the treatment of gastrointestinal cancerKoprowskiWistar InstituteMonoclonal antibodies
1981First genetically-engineered plant reported  Recombinant DNA
1981First genetically cloned mice  Recombinant DNA
1981First embryonic stem cells identified in mice EvansCambridge UniversityStem cells
1981First patient successfully treated with anti-idiotype monoclonal antibodyLevyStanford University Medical SchoolImmunotherapy, Monoclonal antibodies
Jan 1981First cloning of mice claimedIllmensee, HoppeUniversity of Geneva, Jackson laboratoryCloning
09 Mar 1981Max Delbruck diedDelbruckCalifornia Institute of TechnologyGenetics, Virology
Jul 1981First evidence provided to show that DNA methylation involved in silencing X-chromosomeCompere, PalmitterHoward Hughes Medical InstituteDNA methylation, Epigenetics
09 Jul 1981Mouse embryonic stem cells first isolated and cultured in the laboratoryEvans, Kaufman, MartinCambridge University, UCSFStem cells
Oct 1981Double-stranded DNA break technique developed for genetically modifying yeast Orr-Weaver, Szostak, RothsteinHarvard University, New Jersey Medical SchoolGene editing
05 Nov 1981First report of successful nuclear integration and germ-line transmission of foreign DNA into laboratory miceConstantini, LacyOxford University, Yale UniversityGene editing; Transgenic animals
22 Nov 1981Hans Adolf Krebs diedKrebs Sheffield UniversityCell, Biochemistry
1982First international workshop on human differentiation antigens establishes international code for classifying and coding monoclonal antibodiesBoumsell, BernardSaint-Louis HospitalMonoclonal antibodies
1982Monoclonal antibodies generated for routine use in ABO blood typingLennox, Milstein, Sacks, VoakLaboratory of Molecular Biology, Addenbrookes HospitalMonoclonal antibodies
1982Marrow stem cells shown to be distinct from progenitor cells   Stem cells
1982AIS, the first biotechnology company to commercialise blood stem cell-based innovation is established AISStem cells
1982Whole genome sequencing method is introduced for DNA sequencing  DNA Sequencing
1982 - 1985Studies reveal azacitidine, a cytoxic agent developed by Upjohn, inhibits DNA methylation  DNA methylation, Epigenetics
1982Azacitidine fails to win FDA approval for treatment of acute myelogenous leukaemia due to lack of controlled studies showing clinical benefit  Epigenetics, Oncology
22 Apr 1982First experiment launched to test feasibility of inserting a corrective DNA in the right place in the human genomeSmithiesUniversity of WisconsinGene editing, Gene Therapy

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