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Timeline of key events

Timeline of key events in biotechnology

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Date Event People Places Sciences
03 Feb 1984First human baby born from embryo transferBuster Embyology
Jun 1984Results from PCR experiments start being reportedMullisCetus CorporationPCR, Sequencing DNA
Jun 1984First clinical experiments demonstrate the possibility of training T cells to attack tumoursKnuth, Danowski, Oettgen, OldMemorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer CenterImmunology, Immunotherapy, Oncology
1984First chimeric monoclonal antibodies developed which lays foundation for safer and more effective monoclonal antibody therapeuticsNeuberger, Rabbitts, Morrison, Oi, Herzenberg, Boulianne, Schulman, HozumiLaboratory of Molecular Biology, Stanford Univerity Medical SchoolMonoclonal antibodies, Recombinant DNA
1985Antibody genes identifiedTonegawaBasel Institute of ImmunologyMonoclonal antibodies
1985Phage display method is developed for selecting peptides, proteins or antibodies from a wide number of variants.SmithUniversity of MissouriPhage Display
Jan 1985 - May 1987Cetus developed PCR for measuring amount of HIV circulating in blood Cetus CorporationPCR
Jan 1985Idea put forward for the creation of transgenic mice to produce human antibodiesAlt, Blackwell, YancopoulosColumbia UniversityMonoclonal antibodies, gene cloning
1985First transgenic mice created with with genes coding for both the heavy and light chain domains in an antibody.Kohler, RusconiMax-Planck InstituteTransgenic animals, Monoclonal antibodies
1985Discovery of the first zinc finger nuclease, a site-specific endonuclease (enzyme) designed to bind and cleave DNA at specific positionsMiller, McLachlan, KlugLaboratory of Molecular BiologyGene editing, Zinc fingers
1985T cell surface proteins CD4 and CD8 cloned Maddon, Littman, Godfrey, Maddon Chess, AxelColumbia UniversityImmunology, Immunotherapy, Oncology
Jan 1985NIH publishes its first draft guidelines for proposing experiments in human somatic cell gene theray  Gene therapy
Mar 1985Mullis and Cetus Corporation filed patent for the PCR techniqueMullisCetus CorporationPCR, Sequencing DNA
Mar 1985DNA fingerprinting principle laid outJeffreysUniversity of LeicesterSequencing DNA
31 Aug 1985Frank Macfarlane Burnet diedBurnettWalter and Eliza Hall InstituteImmunology
07 Sep 1985Rodney R Porter diedPorterOxford UniversityAntibodies
08 Sep 1985John F Enders diedEndersChildren's Hospital BostonVirology, Vaccine
19 Sep 1985Technique published for the accurate insertion of a corrective DNA in the human genomeSmithies, Gregg, Boggs, Koralewski, KucherlapatiUniversity of WisconsinGene eding, Gene Therapy
25 Sep 1985William Cumming Rose diedRoseUniversity of IllinoisNutrition, Biochemistry
25 Sep 1985William Cumming Rose was born Greenville, South Carolina, USARoseUniversity of IllinoisNutrition, Biochemistry

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