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Timeline of key events

Timeline of key events in biotechnology

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Date Event People Places Sciences
Feb 1990First pitch for US Human Genome Project  DNA Sequencing, Genomics
May 1990Discovery of lymphocyte activation gene 3 (LAG3)Triebel, Jitsukawa, Baixeras, Roman-Roman, Genevee, Viegas-Pequinot, Hecend Institut Gustave-RoussyImmune checkpoint inhibitors
Aug 1990p53 found to arrest cell cyleMichalovitz, Halevy, Oren, Mercer, Shields, Amin, Sauve, Appella, Romano, UllrichWeizmann Institute, Temple UniversityOncology, p53
Oct 1990Human Genome Project formally launched  DNA Sequencing, Genomics
Dec 1990BRCA1 gene linked with inherited predisposition to cancerKingUniversity of California Berkley
1991First display and selection of human antibodies phageBarbas, LernerScripps Research InstituteMonoclonal antibodies, Phage Display
1991 - 1992p53 found to be a transcription factorBargonetti, Friedman, Kern, Vogelstein, Prives, el-Deiry, Pietenpol, KinzleColumbia University, Johns Hopkins University, University of Texas Southwesternp53
1991p53 found to induce apoptosis, self destruction of a cellYonish-Rouach, Resnitzky, Lotem, Sachs, Kimchi, OrenWeizmann InstituteOncology, p53
06 Feb 1991Salvador E Luria diedLuriaMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyGenetics, Virology
Mar 1991Monoclonal antibody drug approved in Europe for the treatment of septic shockKaplan, TangStanford University Medical School, CentocorMonoclonal antibodies
25 Jun 1991Michael Heidelberger died in New York City, USAHeidelberger  
1992First public bank set up for umbilical cord blood bank in New YorkRubinsteinNew York Blood CenterStem cells
1992Neural stem cells identified in the adult human brain  Stem cells
1992GenBank is integrated into the NIH National Center for Biotechnology Information  DNA Sequencing
1992Stem cells used as vectors to deliver the genes needed to correct the genetic disorder SCIDBordignonVita-Salute San Raffaele UniversityGene therapy, Stem cells
1992Gene targeting technology in combination with embryonic stem cells shown to be powerful tool for creating specific genetic mutations in mice so as to study gene function and create animal models of human genetic diseaseBradley, Ramirez-Solis, Zheng, Hasty, DavisBaylor College of MedicineGene editing
1992MDM2, an oncogene product, found to negatively regulate p53Momand, Zambetti, Olson, George, LevinePrinceton UniversityOncology, p53
1992Mice genetically modified to be deficient in p53 shown to be prone to cancerDonehower, Harvey, Slagle, McArthur, Montgomery, Butel, BradleyBaylor CollegeOncology, p53
1992p53 shown to maintain genome stabilityLivingstone, White, Sprouse, Livanos, Jacks, Tlsty, Yin, Tainsky, Bischoff, Strong, WahlUniversity of North Carolina, MD Anderson Cancer Centrep53
Feb 1992Market interest in monoclonal antibody drugs plummeted with news that the FDA needed more information before it would approve Centoxin CentocorMonoclonal antibodies

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