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Timeline of key events

Timeline of key events in biotechnology

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Date Event People Places Sciences
10 Apr 1999Heinz Ludwig Fraenkel-Conrat diedFraenkel-Conrat University of California BerkeleyGenetics, Virology
Jul 1999Disposable bioreactor developed Schering-Plough 
16 Nov 1999Daniel Nathans diedNathans Johns Hopkins University Restriction enzymes, Recombinant DNA
06 Dec 1999Robert Swanson died in Hillsborough, California, USASwanson  
1999 - 2002Multi-centre trials with gene therapy using stem cells to treat children with SCIDBordignon Gene therapy
2000Complete sequences of the genomes of the fruit fly Drosophila and the first plant, Arabidopsis, are published  Sequencing DNA, Genomics
2000Adult stem cells recognised as having potential to generate variety of cells for other organsFrisenKarolinska InstitutetStem cells
2000Retinal stem cells identified in mice   Stem cells
2000Two French boys suffering from SCID reported to be cured using gene therapy  Gene therapy
18 Jan 2000More clustered repeats of DNA identified in other bacteria and archaea, termed Short Regularly Spaced Repeats (SRSR)Mojica, Diez-Villasenor, Soria, Juez University of Alicante, University Miguel HernandezCRISPR-Cas9, Gene editing
25 Mar 2000Ruth Erica (Leroi) Benesch diedBeneschColumbia UnivesityBiochemistry
25 Mar 2000Ruth Erica (Leroi) Benesch diedBenesch  
Jun 2000Human genome draft sequence announced  Sequencing DNA, Genomics
01 Sep 2000 Experiments show zinc finger nucleases can create double-stranded DNA breaks in cellsSmith, Bibikova, Whitby, Reddy, Chandrasegaran, Carroll Johns Hopkins University, University of Utah, Pondicherry UniversityGene editing, Zinc fingers
04 Oct 2000Michael Smith died University of British ColumbiaRecombinant DNA, Monoclonal antibodies
15 Oct 2000Konrad Bloch diedBlochHarvard UniversityBiochemistry
Dec 2000First plant DNA sequenced  Sequencing DNA, Genomics
2001The Stem Cell Network is formed   Stem cells
2001Dermal stem cells identified in adult skin tissue   Stem cells
Feb 2001First consensus sequence of human genome published CeleraSequencing DNA

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