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Timeline of key events

Timeline of key events in biotechnology

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Date Event People Places Sciences
Mar 2001Mechanism uncovered for the way the immune system generates regulatory T-cellsJordanWistar InstituteImmunology
May 2001RNAi demonstrated to be useful genetic toolElbashir, Harborth, Lendecker, Yalcin, Weber, TuschlMax-Planck-Institute for Biophysical ChemistryRNA interference
Aug 2001US places restricitions on embryonic stem cell research  Stem cells
02 Sep 2001Christiaan Barnard diedBarnardUniversity of Cape TownTransplantation
Oct 2001Human embryo cloned to make stem cells Advanced Cell TechnologyStem cells, gene cloning
2002Complete genome sequence of the first mammalian model organism, the mouse, is published   Sequencing DNA
2002International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISCF) established  Stem cells
2002First complete purification of multipotent marrow stem cells from mice  Stem cells
2002Suspensiion of French gene therapy trials for treating SCID children  Gene therapy
06 Feb 2002Max F Perutz diedPerutzLaboratory of Molecular BiologyBiochemistry
Mar 2002Dutch scientists coin the term CRISPR-Cas9. Strands for clustered regularly interspaced short palindrome repeats in a DNA sequence and its associated genes.Jansen, Embden, Gaastra, SchoulsUtrecht UniversityCRISPR-Cas9, Gene editing
Mar 2002Canadian Institutes of Health Research unveils guidelines on stem cell research  Stem cells, gene cloning
Mar 2002Cesar Milstein diedMilsteinCambridge, England 
Apr 2002Identification of new enzyme for silencing certain genes, opening new avenues for cancer treatmentsRauscherWistar InstituteGenetics
Jul 2002First use of zinc fingers to disrupt genes in the fruit fly DrosophilaBibikova, Golic, Golic, CarrollUniversity of UtahGene editing, Zinc fingers
Jul 2002Poliovirus synthesised Stony Brook UniversitySequencing DNA
28 Jul 2002Archer J P Martin diedMartinNational Institute for Medical ResearchAnalytical chemistry
07 Aug 2002Scientists identified segment of insect-derived antimicrobial peptide called pyrrhocoricin necessary for killing off bacteria opening up possible avenue for developing new antibioticsOtvosWistar InstituteAntimicrobial resistance
20 Aug 2002Link identified between genes responsible for neurofibromatosis, a common neurological disorder, and a protein thought to play role in Alzheimer's diseaseShiekhattarWistar InstituteNeuroscience, Genetics
14 Sep 2002Regulatory T cells discovered to restrain cytolytic T cells attacking cancer via messanger chemical called TGF-betaHerlyn, SomasundaramWistar InstituteImmunology, Immunotherapy, Oncology

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