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Timeline of key events

Timeline of key events in biotechnology

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Date Event People Places Sciences
22 Apr 2003Stem cells sourced from baby teeth  Stem cells
02 May 2003Publication of successful use of zinc finger enzymes to correct genes in Drosophila (fruit fly).Bibikova, Beumer, Trautman, CarrollUniversity of UtahGene editing, Zinc fingers
02 May 2003Zinc finger method shown to be effective for gene targeting in mammalian somatic cellsPorteus, BaltimoreCalifornia Institute of TechnologyGene editing, Zinc fingers
13 Jun 2003Robert A Good diedGood University of MinnesotaImmunology, Transplantation
04 Aug 2003Frederick Chapman Robbins diedRobbinsWestern Reserve UniversityVirology
Oct 2003China approved the world's first commercial gene therapy to deliver the p53 gene, via an adenovirus vector, to treat squamous cell head and neck cancer.  Gene therapy, p53
2004First derivation of dopaminergic cells from human embryonic stem cells  Stem cells
2004International Consortium of Stem Cell Networks (ICSCN) initiated  Stem cells
2004Phase I trial launched with RNAi treatment (Cand5) for wet age-related macular degeneration  RNA interference
05 Jan 2004Merrill W Chase diedChaseRockefeller University 
Apr 2004US FDA approved new imaging agent for detecting difficult to diagnose cases of appendicitis Wistar Institute, Palatin TechnologiesMonoclonal antibodies
May 2004Study published demonstrating feasibility of using insect-derived antimicrobial peptice as drug-delivery vehicle OtvosWistar Institute 
21 Jul 2004Edward B Lewis diedLewisCalifornia Institute of TechnologyGenetics, Embryology
28 Jul 2004Francis H C Crick diedCrickLaboratory of Molecular BiologyDNA, Genetics
15 Aug 2004Sune K Bergstrom diedBergstromKarolinska InstituteBiochemistry
13 Sep 2004Luis Ernesto Miramontes died   
05 Oct 2004Maurice H F Wilkins diedWilkinsKing's College LondonDNA, Genetics
11 Oct 2004David Murray died in La Garde-Freinet, FranceMurray  
19 Nov 2004John Robert Vane diedVaneUniversity of LondonPharmacology
Dec 2004First plant genome modified with Zinc finger method. Illustrates tool can be used to make targeted modifications in experimental organisms for gene functional studies and creating models of human genetic diseases.Lloyd, Plaisier, Carroll, DrewsUniversity of UtahGene editing, Zinc fingers

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