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Timeline of key events

antibodies: Timeline of key events

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Date Event People Places Sciences
1994First chimeric monoclonal antibody therapeutic approved for marketCollerCentocor, State University of New YorkMonoclonal antibodies, Recombinant DNA
1995First monoclonal antibody drug for cancer approved in EuropeKoprowski Monoclonal antibodies
1995First monoclonal antibody therapeutic for cancer approved for marketKoprowskiWistar Institute, CentocorMonoclonal antibodies
01 Mar 1995Georges Kohler diedKohlerLaboratory of Molecular BiologyMonoclonal antibodies
1997FDA approved the first monoclonal antibody cancer drug for the American marketLevy, RastetterStanford University Medical School, Idec PharmaceuticalsImmunotherapy, Monoclonal antibodies
Dec 1997First humanised monoclonal antibody approved for marketQueenProtein Design Labs, RocheMonoclonal antibodies, Recombinant DNA
1998FDA approved Trastuzumab (Herceptin) for the treatment of metastatic breast cancer   Monoclonal antibodies, Oncology
Aug 1998FDA and European regulatory authorities approved the first monoclonal antibody drug for an autoimmune diseaseVilcek, Le, Feldmann, MainiNew York University, Centocor, Kennedy Institute of RheumatologyMonoclonal antibodies
2000First clinical trials launched to test first immune checkpoint inhibitor drug containing a monoclonal antibody against CTLA-4 (ipilimumab, Yervoy®)AllisonMedarex, University of California BerkleyImmune checkpoint inhibitors, Immunology, Immunotherapy, Oncology, Monoclonal antibodies
04 Oct 2000Michael Smith died University of British ColumbiaRecombinant DNA, Monoclonal antibodies
Dec 2002First monoclonal antibody made using phage display approved for market CAT, BASF, AbbottMonoclonal antibodies, Phage display
Apr 2004US FDA approved new imaging agent for detecting difficult to diagnose cases of appendicitis Wistar Institute, Palatin TechnologiesMonoclonal antibodies
Sep 2006First fully human monoclonal antibody drug approved Agensys, AmgenMonoclonal antibodies, transgenic
25 Mar 2011First immune checkpoint inhibitor drug targeting CTLA4 (ipilimumab, Yervoy®), approved by the FDAAlisonMedarex, University of California BerkleyImmune checkpoint inhibitors, Immunotherapy, Oncology, Monoclonal antibodies
17 May 2014Gerald M Edelman diedEdelmanRockefeller UniversityAntibodies
Sep 2014FDA approved nivolumab (Opdivo®), an immune checkpoint inhibitor targeting PD1, for treating melanoma  Immune checkpoint inhibitors, Immuotherapy, Oncology, Monoclonal antibodies
22 Dec 2014First immune checkpoint inhibitor drug targeting PD-1 (nivolumab, Opdivo®) approved in US AlisonMedarex, Bristol-Myers Squibb, University of California BerkleyImmune checkpoint inhibitors, Immunotherapy, Oncology, Monoclonal antibodies
05 Jun 2015Two immunotherapy drugs reported to stop cancer cells avoiding destruction by immune system   Immunotherapy, Oncology, Monoclonal antibodies
01 May 2016FDA approved atezolizumab (Tecentriq®), an immune checkpoint inhibitor targeted at PD1, for the treatment of urothelial carcinoma, the most common form of bladder cancer Genentech, RocheImmune checkpoint inhibitor, Immuotherapy, Oncology, Monoclonal antibodies
01 Sep 2016Monoclonal antibody drug for Alzheimer's Disease shown to be promising in phase II clinical trialsSevigny, Chiao, Bussiere, WeinrebBiogen, Neuimmune, Butler Hospital, University of ZurchMonoclonal antibodies, Neuroscience

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