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Timeline of key events

antibodies: Timeline of key events

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Date Event People Places Sciences
1935 - 1936Antibodies shown to be proteinsHeidelberger, Kendall, KabatColumbia UniversityAntibodies
1939Antibodies start to be investigated using quantitative immunochemistrySvedberg, Tiselius, KabatUniversity of UppsalaAntibodies
06 Sep 1939Susumu Tonegawa was born in Nagoya, JapanTonegawaMassachusetts Institute of TechnologyAntibodies, Immunology
1940Concept of antibody templates proposedPaulingCalifornia Institute of Technology Antibodies
1941Immunofluorescence technique introducedCoonsHarvard UniversityAntibodies
17 Apr 1946Georges Kohler was bornKohlerLaboratory of Molecular BiologyMonoclonal antibodies
1948Antibody production found in plasma B cellsFagraeusKarolinska InstitutetAntibodies
1949Immune tolerance concept developedBurnet, FennerWalter and Eliza Hall InstituteAntibodies
1951Myeloma cells found to resemble normal antibodiesKunkelRockefeller UniversityAntibodies
1953Immune tolerance theory proved in experimentsMedawar, Billingham, BrentUniversity College LondonAntibodies
1955 - 1959Clonal selection theoryJerne, Talmage, BurnetDanish National Serum Institute, Walter and Eliza Hall InstituteAntibodies
1958The cell is confirmed responsible for antibody productionLederberg, NossalUniversity of Wisconsin, Walter and Eliza Hall InstituteAntibodies
1960Cellular fusion technique formulatedBarski, Sorieul, CarnefertInstitut Gustave RoussyMonoclonal antibodies
1962Antibodies discovered to have structure like a 'Y'Porter, EdelmanNational Institute for Medical Research, Rockefeller University Antibodies
1963Plaque test allows visualisation of antibodiesJerne, NordinUniversity of PittsburghAntibodies
1963Cesar Milstein returns to Cambridge and begins researching the structure and diversity of antibodiesMilsteinLaboratory of Molecular BiologyMonoclonal antibodies
1964Cesar Milstein publishes his first paper on antibodiesMilsteinLaboratory of Molecular BiologyAntibodies
Jul 1966Cesar Milstein and Sydney Brenner publish theory attributing antibody diversity to somatic mutationBrenner, MilsteinLaboratory of Molecular BiologyAntibodies
1969Basel Institute of Immunology foundedJerneBasel Institute of ImmunologyAntibodies
1969First antibodies with known specificity grownSinokovicsMD Anderson Cancer CenterAntibodies

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