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Timeline of key events

Donall Thomas: Timeline of key events

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Date Event People Places Sciences
15 Mar 1920E Donnall Thomas was born in Mart TX, USAThomasFred Hutchinson Cancer Research CenterTransplantaion, Immunology
Jan 1957First report of bone marrow transplants performed in human (cancer) patientsThomas, Lochte, Lu, FerrebeeBassett Medical CenterStem cells
1959Experiments in mice prove the existence of resident blood stem cells in marrowThomas Bassett Medical CenterStem cells
14 Feb 1986Gene targeting technique used to correct defective gene in the chromosome of a mammalian cellThomas, Folger, CapecchiUniversity of UtahGene editing
06 Nov 1987Publication of gene targeting technique for targetting mutations in any geneThomas, CapecchiUniversity of UtahGene editing, Transgenic animals
Nov 1988Oncogene disrupted in mice using gene targeting technologyMansour, Thomas, CapecchiUniversity of UtahGene editing
20 Oct 2012E Donnall Thomas diedThomasFred Hutchinson Cancer Research CenterTransplantaion, Immunology

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