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Timeline of key events

Harvard University: Timeline of key events

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Date Event People Places Sciences
17 Oct 1886Ernest Goodpasture was born Clarksville, TN, USAGoodpastureHarvard UniversityVirology, Vaccine
07 Apr 1899Louis F Fieser was born in Columbus, Ohio, USAFieserHarvard University 
11 Apr 1899Percy Lavon Julian was born in Montgomery, Alabama, USAJulianHarvard UniversityPharmacology
21 Jan 1912Konrad Bloch was born in Neisse (now Nysa), Germany (now Poland)BlochHarvard UniversityBiochemistry
Apr 1917Robert Burns Woodward was born in Boston MA, USAWoodwardHarvard UniversityPharmacology
29 Oct 1920Baruj Benacerraf was born in Caracas, VenezuelaBenacerrafHarvard Medical SchoolImmunology
1926First pure antibody preparation madeFeltonHarvard UniversityAntibodies
21 Mar 1932Walter Gilbert was born in Boston MA, USAGilbertHarvard UniversityBiochemistry
1941Immunofluorescence technique introducedCoonsHarvard UniversityAntibodies
09 Nov 1952Jack Szostak was born in London, United KingdomSzotakHarvard UniversityGenetics
Dec 1954First successful human kidney transplantBrigham Hospital, Harvard UniversityTranplantation
20 Sep 1960Ernest Goodpasture diedGoodpastureHarvard UniversityVirology, Vaccine
1973The sequencing of 24 basepairs is reportedGilbert, MaxamHarvard UniversityDNA Sequencing
1975DNA methylation suggested as mechanism behind X-chomosome silencing in embryosRiggs, Sager, KitchenCity of Hope National Medical Center, Harvard UniversityDNA methylation, Epigenetics, Embryology
19 Apr 1975Percy Lavon Julian diedJulianHarvard UniversityPharmacology
Feb 1977Two different DNA sequencing methods published that allow for the rapid sequencing of long stretches of DNASanger, Maxam, GilbertHarvard University, Laboratory of Molecular BiologyDNA Sequencing
25 Jul 1977Louis F Fieser diedFieserHarvard University 
Jul 1979Robert Burns Woodward diedWoodwardHarvard UniversityPharmacology
1980Sanger awarded his second Nobel Prize in ChemistrySanger, GilbertHarvard University, Laboratory of Molecular BiologyDNA Sequencing
Oct 1981Double-stranded DNA break technique developed for genetically modifying yeast Orr-Weaver, Szostak, RothsteinHarvard University, New Jersey Medical SchoolGene editing

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