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Timeline of key events

Pasteur Institute: Timeline of key events

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Date Event People Places Sciences
27 Dec 1822Louis Pasteur was bornPasteurPasteur InstituteBacteriology
16 May 1845Ilya Ilyich Mechnikov was born in Kharkov (now Kharkiv), Russian Empire (now Ukraine)MechnikovPasteur InstituteImmunology
18 Jun 1845Charles L Alphonse Laveran was born in Paris, FranceLaveranPasteur InstituteInfectious diseases
13 Jun 1870Jules Bordet was born in Soignies, BelgiumBordetPasteur InstituteImmunology
25 Apr 1873Felix d'Herelle was born in Montreal, Canadad'HerellePasteur InstituteBacteriology, Virology
1879Chicken cholera vaccine developedPasteurPasteur InstituteBacteriology, Vaccine
1885First rabies vaccine testedPasteurPasteur InstituteBacteriology, Vaccine
1895Complement detected to be an accessory to antibodiesBordetPasteur InstituteAntibodies
28 Sep 1895Louis Pasteur diedPasteurPasteur InstituteBacteriology, Vaccine
08 May 1902Andre Lwoff was born in Ainay-le-Chateau, FranceLwoffPasteur InstituteMicrobiology, Virology
15 Jul 1916Ilya Ilyich Mechnikov diedMechnikovPasteur InstituteImmunology
07 Jun 1920Jacques Monod was born in Nancy, FranceMonodPasteur InstituteGenetics
17 Jun 1920Francois Jacob was born in Nancy, FranceJacobPasteur InstituteGenetics
18 May 1922Charles L Alphonse Laveran diedLaveranPasteur Institute 
1949DNA content of a cells linked to a cell's number of chromosomesVendrely, BoivinPasteur Institute, Strasbourg School of MedicineDNA
22 Feb 1949Felix d'Herelle diedd'HerellePasteur InstituteBacteriology, Virology
06 Apr 1961Jule Bordet diedBordetPasteur InstituteImmunology
31 May 1976Jacques Monod diedMonodPasteur InstituteGenetics
30 Sep 1994Andre Michel Lwoff diedLwoffPasteur InstituteMicrobiology, Virology
19 Apr 2013Francois Jacob diedJacobPasteur InstituteGenetics

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