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Timeline of key events

Rockefeller University: Timeline of key events

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Date Event People Places Sciences
07 Apr 1859Jacques Loeb was born in Mayen, Germany LoebRockefeller UniversityReproduction
28 Jun 1873Alexis Carrel was born in Sainte-Foy-lès-Lyon, FranceCarrelRockefeller UniversityTransplantation
21 Oct 1877 Oswald Theodore Avery was born in Halifax, CanadaAveryRockefeller UniversityDNA
05 Oct 1879Peyton Rous was born in Baltimore MD, USARousRockefeller UniversityVirology, Oncology
05 Jul 1888Herbert Spencer Gasser was born in Platteville WI, USAGasserRockefeller Institute 
09 Aug 1897Ralph W G Wyckoff was born in Geneva, NY, USAWyckoffRockefeller UniversityBacteriology, Virology
16 Aug 1904Wendell M Stanley was born in Ridgeville IN, USAStanleyRockefeller UniversityBiochemistry
17 Sep 1905Merrill W Chase born in Providence, RI, USAChaseRockefeller UniversityAntibodies
14 Dec 1909Edward Lawrie Tatum was born in Boulder CO, USATatumRockefeller UniversityGenetics
1910First description of the building blocks of DNALeveneRockefeller UniversityDNA
1911Research provided the first evidence that virus transmits cancer in chickensRousRockefeller InstituteImmunology, Oncology, Virology
25 Jun 1911William H Stein was born in New York NY, USASteinRockefeller UniversityRNA
19 Nov 1912George E Palade was born in Iasi, RomaniaPaladeRockefeller UniversityCell
04 Sep 1913Stanford Moore was born in Chicago IL, USAMooreRockefeller UniversityBiochemistry
1914Experiments by James B Murphy demonstrate that lymphocytes help animals reject grafted tumoursMurphyRockefeller IntituteImmunology, Immunotherapy, Oncology
1915 James B Murphy puts forward hypothesis that the nonspecific stimulation of lymphocytes could provide a cure for cancer based on experiments he and John J Morton carried out on miceMurphy, MortonRockefeller InstituteImmunology, Immunotherapy, Oncology
1916 - 1922Disappointing results reported from clinical trials treating breast cancer patients with low doses of X-ray radiation following tumour removal, discrediting the theory that stimulation of lymphocytes could help cure cancer. MurphyRockefeller InstituteImmunology, Immunotherapy, Oncology
02 Oct 1917Christian R de Duve was born in Thames Ditton, United Kingdomde DuveRockefeller UniversityCell
07 Feb 1918Ruth Sager was born in Brookline, Massachusetts, USASagerRockefeller UniversityGenetics
11 Feb 1924Jacques Loeb diedLoebRockefeller UniversityReproduction

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