This exhibition would never have happened without the generous help and encouragement of Professor Sharon Peacock and greatly benefited from her keen editorial eye. Special thanks also go to all the COG-UK participants who took time out of their busy schedules to share with me their experiences of being involved in the Consortium and to check their transcripts afterwards.

Many thanks also go to the COG-UK management team for their steadfast support through the project and also to Dr Andrew Jermy for the video he put together to guide people through the exhibition. Much appreciation also goes to Tilda Watson and Alison Cranage who helped with some of the interviews undertaken with people at the Sanger Institute who participated in the COG-UK effort and reviewed early early sections of the exhibition on the Wellcome Sanger Institute.

Special thanks also go to Daniel Power who read through early drafts of the exhibition and his hard work in producing figures from CLIMB data to give an overview of the sequencing undertaken by different COG-UK partners. Thanks also go to Dr Joshua Quick and Tom Brier who kindly downloaded the CLIMB data for Daniel to work on. Transcribing the interviews also could not have been done without the painstaking work of Sian Lewis and Susan Hutton, as well Transcriptum Limited.

Research for this exhibition was made possible by funding from COG-UK, supported by funding from the Medical Research Council, part of UK Research & Innovation, the National Institute of Health Research and the Department of Health and Social care. The views expressed in the exhibition are those of the author and not necessarily those of COG-UK and its funders.

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