Appendix 3: COG-UK Sage reports

This is an archive of Sage Reports issued by COG-UK between 23rd March 2020 and 19th May 2021. The Reports are presented in reverse chronological order. The week number in the report is the number of the week in the year. The reports were prepared for the UK’s four Public Health Agencies and to the Scientific AdvisoryAdvisory Group for Emergencies, an advisory body set up to help support the decision making of the UK government in the event of a national emergency. The SAGE reports compiled by COG-UK provided information on the evolution and spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Provided until May 2021, later reports discussed the relevance of different mutations and also included a number of detailed case studies looking at the transmission of the virus in various nations and settings like care homes and universities.

Report dated 19th May 2021, Genomic epidemiology of SARS CoV 2 in a large UK university.pdf.

Report dated 12th March 2021, Impact of travel restrictions on importations to England from May Sept 2020.pdf.

Report dated 8th February 2021, COG UK summary for SAGE report to DfE on SARS CoV 2 in educational settings.pdf.

Report dated 9th December 2020, Welsh SARS CoV 2 Genomic Insights.pdf.

Report dated 15th October 2020, Report 12.pdf.

Report dated 8th September 2020, Report 11.pdf.

Report dated 11th August 2020, Report 10.pdf.

Report dated 28th June 2020, Use of SARS CoV 2 genomics to understand transmission.pdf.

Report dated 25th June 2020, Report 09.pdf.

Report dated 11th June 2020, Report 08.pdf.

Report dated 28th May 2020, Report 07.pdf.

Report dated 14th May 2020, Report 06.pdf.

Report dated 7th May 2020, Report 05.pdf.

Report dated 16th April 2020, Report 04.pdf.

Report dated 9th April 2020, Report 03.pdf.

Report dated 1st April 2020, Report 02.pdf.

Report dated 23rd March 2020, Report 01.pdf.

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